Where I write (or would if it wasn't so poky).

I stumbled across the old series about writers' rooms in The Guardian, this morning.
I am no longer lucky enough to have a room dedicated just to books, reading and writing - something which I find most disturbing, and restrictive. My current space is a small desk rammed up against the dining table in the one room that serves as kitchen, living room, dining room and the dogs' bedroom.

Most of my books are still in the north of Italy, in Rovigo and the ones I have with me are either in a box in the wardrobe and in my book bag in 'the room'. Of course, I could just be using the lack of space as a poor excuse for my lack of output, but it does make me feel rather claustrophobic: for my mind to run free creatively, I need not only mental space but physical space. Now I can see the washing up waiting to be done, or the dinner that needs preparing. It is not a conducive atmosphere.

This is only a stop-gap before I have to find something more permanent (hopefully not in Italy!), and then I will ensure I have the space to create.

The dining room in Spain that became my second creative space. (2010 - 2012) 

The 'official' office and writing space - Spain. (2010-2012)
One of the writing spaces in Rovigo, Italy (May - Oct 2013)

The other writing space in Rovigo (May - Oct 2013)

My current miserable space.


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