Paradise LOST

The Masters continues and it is the turn of god to be the subject of poetry - Milton's Paradise Lost and Blake's A Marriage of Heaven and Hell to exact.

I opted to start with Paradise Lost and though my eyes skimmed the page, nothing was being absorbed. I was becoming frustrated, and miserable. This was following up on Robinson Crusoe, quite possibly one of the most boring books ever written, and I thought that the whole process was ruining my love of literature - just like A level Eng. Lit. temporarily had.

Having dispatched Milton to the far side of the room, I picked up Blake. My faith was restored! Here was an author truly recreating the Fall of Man. I was so inspired I put pen to paper and a few lines of verse were born.

I'm never going to be asked to be Poet Laureate, of this I am painfully aware (!), but I was happy again; so apologies to Blake (I don't care about Milton).

After Milton
I lay confounded by Milton
Until he took to the air,
Landed in the corner of the room;
Bent spine and broken wings.
Up rose Blake, all contrariness & fight.
Sorrows cast Out.
Tygers of Passion roar again.
I am once more a
Sweet smiling Fool.

©Deborah Cater.  
22nd June 2013

The Tyger by William Blake

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