Día de la Calamity!

This housewifery malarkey is full of hazards.
Having safely prepared and put in the oven the red cabbge to braise (checking the recipe for Chrimbo Day) I gaily walked to the basura to get rid of the rubbish. Too gaily perhaps as my swinging arm struck the rockery and now I have a lovely bruise forming on the knuckle of the index finger. Retreat to the utility room resulted in the outdoor cushions stacked there falling and knocking the vegetable rack which duly disintegrated showering me in onions. 

Charlie came worse off as he was side-swiped by a calabaza. 

All necessary precautions have been taken for the checking and removing of said cabbage from the oven - trivet, oven gloves etc. 

I have retired to the living room with a book - purely for safety's sake.

Kol roja
The pretty red cabbage before all my disasters struck.


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